Mitchek Minor Subdivision Lots


Located less than five minutes from Circle, MT along Union Road

Four +/- 20 acre lots for sale

Price: $55,000/lot

All Lots offered and sold subject to the following;

·       Buyer agrees that the property shall not be divided into smaller tracts at any time. This shall be stated in the deed.

·       Buyer shall at all times comply with all County and State water, sewer and trash regulations. 

·       Buyer agrees that he shall not create a garbage or debris site on the property. All the above shall be stated in the deed.

·       Seller agrees that the same restrictions that apply to this sale shall be applied to all other tracts sold.

·       Buyer agrees that any road work required to improve access to this tract will be at Buyers expense; i.e. approach, driveway improvements, etc.

·       Seller agrees to have power completed before the closing date. Buyer understands the property cannot close until the power has been installed to the lot selling.

·       Seller reserves all mineral rights.

·       Each individual lot purchaser shall be responsible for fencing his or her lot and for continued maintenance of said fence.

Lots 3, 4, & 5 are offered at this time with the understanding that closing cannot occur until power has been brought to lots 3, 4 & 5; Completion is projected for mid August

Please contact us for more info!

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